Friday, January 2, 2015

Chivalry & Sorcery 4th Edition Rules Free for the Downloading

The complete Chivalry & Sorcery 4th Edition rules are suddenly up on here for $0. It is a 307 page scan of the 4th edition rules, and even includes a page (maybe more) with some hand-written errata...which was interesting, given the pedigree and history behind this PDF release that it implies.

If you've never delved into C&S before, do so now and prepare to experience a moment of terror at the sheer enormity of the mechanical rigor that is C&S. I regard C&S as a decidedly Old School game system, but I can assure that it most definitely does not jive well with the contemporary take on the OSR, as this is a game system that could very well make you miss the good old days of D&D 3.5's simple and easy mechanics....

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  1. Wow, I started my RPG career with the original C&S. It was very mechanically complex and detailed even then. Now I feel I have to go download it and compare it to what I remember. Thanks for posting!