Thursday, January 8, 2015

Planescape back on

Planescape has returned to As it happens this was one of the sets I purchased back when WotC did it's first go-round with scanned reprints, so my copy was ready to be downloaded when it released. The quality of the scanned books and map is great, and I couldn't detect any evidence of bleed-through. The maps didn't even seem to have any scan wrinkles from originals, although I might need to blow the image up considerably for a closer look.

Incidentally I was able to snag a copy of the boxed set for about $10 a few months back. All the contents were in mint condition, and even the box was mostly intact. This replaced the one I sold back in 2003ish on Ebay for a mint to help pay for the gambling debts of my ex wife...!

Planescape remains #1 on my list of campaign settings I'd like to see formally presented in a new book for 5th edition. Maybe a high volume of sales for this classic version will help motivate WotC into considering the idea (as if prior polls, requests and fan furor hadn't already convinced them!)

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