Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Adventurer's Handbook may not actually exist?

So my predictions for 2015 are ahead of schedule as it is apparently being rumored at ENworld that the Adventurer's Handbook that was to accompany Princes of the Apocalypse is not actually a thing. Hmmmmm.

So, does this mean WotC really doesn't have a coherent game plan for 2015 right now, or one which is actually still months from seeing fruition? So...what has WotC announced, then....

Elemental Evil: big event time! What's lined up for it? 

Neverwinter MMO expansion (oh the humanity). Who cares, its a substandard MMO for the brand and fails to live up to the standard set by D&D Online.

Princes of the Apocalypse super module, now scheduled for April 7th (yay an actual RPG product)

Elemental Evil Booster Mini Packs - okay.

Temple of Elemental Evil board game. Whatevs

Sigh. I sincerely do look forward to saving all this money in 2015 since I won't have much to spend it on, but.....wow. 

Hey, Paizo, can you hurry up, confess that you realize there's a market for people like me, and make a real "Pathfinder 2E lite edition" I can run? Cause I can see room for this in the giant hole that WotC is not filling right now.

I kid....a little....I suppose its nice knowing I don't have to worry about lots of future rule books and scenarios crowding my gaming shelves....right?

Post Script: it may seem glum, but you know what, then I just remember I can go poach anything I like from dndclassics.com and update it to 5E and I'm good!

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