Friday, January 2, 2015

Grimtooth Traps Collection Kickstarter

Goodman Games is doing the Grimtooth Traps Collection as a Kickstarter. This is a 460 page compilation of all the original Grimtooth's Traps books from Flying Buffalo back in the 80's, complete with the original content, which was built for easy use in any system under FB's Blade/Catalyst line of products. From the sounds of it there may be some extra Dungeon Crawl Classics content in there as well. A hardcover will set you back $50 or a softcover is $35.....or you can do like I do and wait patiently for the actual July 2015 release to buy a retail copy. In this case I think Goodman Games has a sterling reputation for timeliness so I am sure we can count on the release being pretty close to on-time.

Watch the video, it's well worth it!

As a total aside, does anyone remember the cartoon illustrations of Michael von Glahn? He did work for some of the Grimtooth books,  as well as other products such as the Murphy's Rules cartoon in Space Gamer and he also illustrated (at no cost) for my old fanzine The Sorcerer's Scrolls. Michael did one of the best maps I ever owned for my original campaign world back in the day, too. I have been out of touch with him for all these years, and he doesn't have an internet presence, either....which can mean nothing, I've learned, other than that some people are very good at staying off the grid. If Michael is still out there I would love to reconnect.

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