Monday, January 19, 2015

13th Age - now with a monthly subscription; also, Mutant Year Zero arrives

ENworld talks about it here, but apparently Rob Heinsoo and co. will be doing a monthly 4000+ word subscription service for 13th Age content. Interesting idea....I've seen these concepts crop up in the past (Dungeon-a-day, for example, or the endless array of 'zines and content-delivery services that can be found on rpgnow) but no idea if it will have legs or not; prior examples of this subscription approach usually didn't have a game with a lot of clout and a real following behind it, though....13th Age has both.

 Personally I'll wait for the PDF and print compendium, but the idea of a monthly service delivering 13th Age content is tempting.

In unrelated news, my copy of Mutant Year Zero, along with dice, cards and map showed up this weekend. Beautiful book, much more to discuss about this one soon....some quick observations so far though: very high production quality, sturdy tome, cards are utilitarian but useful, map is great but not essential (reprints the images from the interior cover of the book), and dice are cool. It was passed around at my Saturday group and generated much interest.

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