Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tunnels & Trolls Deluxe is Funded!

I actually pledged last night at the $60 level, and as of this morning T&T Deluxe has passed its funding goal, so it's all gravy and cake from here on out!

I'm really looking forward to this next iteration of T&T, which is sounding a lot like it could very well encompass the totality of T&T as all its fans imagine it, and add more cool stuff in on top of it. Ken St. Andre drops hints and bits to those of us over at Trollhalla about its direction and design, which of course only wets the appetite for the final product.

T&T Deluxe, along with Legends of Dawn and the colorvision edition of the Castles & Crusades PHB marks my third delve into Kickstarter. I can see how this phenomenon gets's like buying a tiny stake in a creative venture, and to contribute to those creators that I know and respect (or, in the case of Legends of Dawn, just impressed me sufficiently) is a lot of fun.

Although I love T&T myself, and have been playing it since I discovered the 5th edition boxed set around 1982ish at Wargames West, I do have an ulterior motive to my love for this game: I have kept every module, solitaire, edition and variant (from MSPE to Monsters! Monsters!) in a special box, and plan to hand it all over to my son in about 8-9 years, should he look like he's following in his dad's footsteps. T&T is an ideal game to introduce new and younger gamers to, not just a fine system for the old school grognards out there.

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