Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Legend: The Spider God's Bride is Out

Just in time for my recent bout of spending madness on RPGNow, Legend: The Spider God's Bride is at last available in PDF format. I'll read it in more detail when time permits, but for those of you who (like me) have been waiting for this one, snag it now! It's $17.50 in PDF....a steep price? I don't know anymore. As my reading and collecting habits continue to migrate almost entirely into electronic format, my ability to discriminate the worth of a product based on its physicality in meatspace is disintegrating rapidly, so I'll let you decide for yourself (or wait for my review when I finish reading it).

Speaking of "RPGs optimized for a tablet experience," Legend is definitely one of them.


This isn't exactly a surprise to me as I was familiar with Xoth a long time ago when it was a D20 resource for Hyboria but seriously...Morten Braten has outdone himself.

Look, I don't really like other published fantasy settings for the most part, and among those I do its more to pillage the interesting bits and try to make them my own. I really don't like most published adventures, and have used only a handful of the horrid things in my lifetime, almost always with regret as I find most published modules lacking, or too rail-roady, or whatever.

None of the above applies to Morten's Xoth and the Spider God's Bride. This is a book, a setting, and a string of modules that I would run as-is, no questions asked. It's the flavor, the genre, the style and the feel that I want in my fantasy.


Matt Sprange at Mongoose indicated that if you preorder the physical book on their website they will send you a coupon for the PDF for free. I did this all backwards...oh well! Anyway, details are here.

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