Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fate Core - An interesting contrast in RPG kickstarters

I'm backing Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls right now, which is about double its goal after only a few days running. I've been eyeballing some other kickstarters, such as the Frog God's Razor Coast books for Pathfinder, which once again I'd honestly like to back but can't justify the impressive price tag for. Of course there are projects peripherally related to tabletop gaming like Pathfinder Online, which looks like it will be failing unless a secret cabal of stinking rich Pathfinder addicts who also happen to want a fantasy Eve-like to play in manifest out of the blue. Then I noticed this one:

Holy cow! Admittedly their target goal was $3,000 so they had a modest initial expectation and cost on this project, but now it's at $240K and growing. I think I'm going to back it, and I'm not even sure I like fate, because at least I can get a copy of the core game for a paltry $30, which is a pretty good deal and FATE is sort of the in-thing these days, it seems.

Anyway, it is interesting that the engine for a good percentage of indie titles out there has legs like this. I do wonder if FATE's appeal stems from new growth in the hobby, or if its because the system appeals to a different more story-gamer post-90's breed of non-D&D gamer. Something to ponder, I suppose...

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