Friday, January 4, 2013

Legends of Dawn Kickstarter

When it comes to Kickstarters I like to back stuff that meets the following criteria:

1. They look like they can deliver
2. The description of the product does not involve aerial baked goods
3. The group in question appears to know what they are doing, and demonstrates it in their video and presentation

Unlike another fairly famous Kickstarter effort for a fantasy game, Aurofinity and Dreamatrix appear to have a near-finished product ready for delivery (thus KS seems to be a promotional tool more than anything), they are not describing lofty goals, they do indeed appear to know what they are doing, and demonstrate a nice looking product that is comprehensible. They are also catching me in a weird mood these days, as I've got this thing for isometric RPGs again, and since Baldur's Gate Enhanced hasn't been released for Android yet....I need something to sate my ceaseless thirst for tiny adventurers traversing monster-riddled landscapes, and Legends of Dawn looks like it can deliver!

Anyway, they say February, so I'll letcha know if it happens. I backed at the basic level, and it looks like they ought to make their $25K goal (I'll be surprised if they don't).

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