Monday, January 14, 2013

Cyberpunk 2077 Videos

First off Watch this:

Next up, here is Mike Pondsmith talking about the game, its legacy, and what is to come. Great to watch, and great to see Mike Pondsmith talk about one of the greatest contributions ever to grace tabletop RPGs that doesn't involve dungeons or dragons, hands down:

I don't have a lot on my radar, but I'd say that in the realm of video games, this one is on top. Going to be a long wait, but worth it.

Some of the early press releases seemed to imply that there would be an official revamp/revision of the tabletop edition of the game to precede or accompany the video game. I haven't seen or heard any more about that, hoping it's a Thing and not just reading into the press releases too much. Hmmmm.

Next: maybe Mike can license out Mekton?

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