Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Few Lessons Learned About Fatherhood

So we're two months and a few days in, and already I've learned some important lessons about early fatherhood. To wit:

1. It turns out that there is a special phenomenon known as the All Consuming Hunger that is experienced by only two classes of being: babies and zombies. And they sound a lot alike when expressing this hunger, too!

2. Unless your stomach is cast iron, give up any love of spicy mustard or thick curry for a while. Or corn meal.

3. What do Babies and the French have in common? They both think Jerry Lewis's slapstick is hillarious! In fact, babies pretty much think anything you do is hillarious if you make enough funny noises while doing it.

4. Kids can be remarkably well behaved and quiet when you are responsive to them. In defense of parents who may have to deal with colicky babies, I concede that I may just have gotten extremely lucky.

5. We as social entities learn to manipulate at a very, very early age.

6. I am startled that more parasites in nature don't go for the ultra-super-duper-cute look, it seems to work well for babies!

....more to come, I am sure....!


  1. That kid looks like he ate the proverbial canary.

    He's clearly up to something.

  2. LMAO! Yesssss every now and then the camera catches him with that devious glint...!

  3. Ahh, that glint in his eye reminds me of your devious nature Tori :P

  4. Fatherhood taught me sleep is amazingly wonderful, my sleep, cranky mom's sleep and most wonderful of all when the kid's sleep.