Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tales of the Cannadad Dei: Geography of Sabiri

Geography of Sabiri

Sabiri’s geography is best summed up as vast region of rolling hills and plains, with grass and scrub as far as the eye can see. This is not far from the truth; you do not even begin to see dotted groves of squat trees until you are far to the north, and the entire region seems to have been totally overrun by thick brush.

Navigating this land can be more difficult than it looks. An accomplished rider can maneuver quite well, and the Sabiri themselves learn to master the best paths and places of passage while avoiding the rockier and more overgrown regions. The land is also laden with small natural lakes that are actually cisterns and basins where run-off from the frequent storms collects. Thanks to a wide open swathe of coastland along the Sea of Chirak, a great deal of rainfall is funneled through to Sabiri. There is also the matter of Kobal, who generates a constant storm wherever he strides, but more about that shall be discussed later.

Although the land itself is quite stable, Sabiri experiences many earthquakes caused by the tumultuous volcanoes of the the Kossarit Mountains. It is not uncommon for vast swathes of volcanic ash to descend on the land for weeks or months as yet another volcano belches in to the sky in the West, occluding the sun from Sabiri for days, weeks or even months. There have been three major eruptions in the last century, and all have led to periods of strife and famine caused by the disrupted weather and the great ash clouds, so most natives of the region see volcanic activity and earthquakes as signs of ill omen and conflict.

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