Saturday, January 28, 2012

More 5E Goodness

So fresh posts that aren't part of the pre-programmed features haven't been as frequent lately due to a very busy work schedule that's been eating into my free time. With any luck things will slow down and I'll have a chance to work on some new content...part 2 of my Mutant Epoch Travelogue, for example!

Anyway, some free time on this Friday evening, and I thought I'd point out this transcript from the D&D Experience over on Enworld. It's some interesting reading, and helps to get a bit more info on what D&D 5th edition (D&D Next) is going to be like. Some of the bits I picked up include:

1. They implied all classes to appear in the core PHBs of prior editions will show up in the 5E PHB. That's roughly fifteen classes in all. If they keep the warlock in the core I'll be happy.

2. Monte loves his wizards. We all knew that though! I'm not one of those "linear fighters vs. quadratic wizards" people, though, if only because I rarely run games where this phenomenon pops up, and also because I've seen high level fighters in 3rd edition and their frankly terrifying. But either way, it sounds like they want to balance out wizard vs. fighter damage with "better overall average damage per round vs. occasional amazing damage"....which is pretty much how it's always been in D&D (until recently).

3. 15 minute character generation. Goooooood.

4. "Vancian" magic is back. Or rather, Pre-4E Vancian magic (because Dailies were kinda Vancian).

5. The fighter is taking a lot of work. It sounds like they are recognizing that the many active features of the fighter from 4E (and the other approaches in 3E and 2nd as well) are key to making the fighter just as fun.

6. They're really pushing for the idea of "preset/default design" as the core book, followed by "addiong on options" that allow for increased complexity.

So I'm really getting eager to see  the playtest doc for D&D Next when it comes out. I'm seriously hoping that this is a game that offers just enough of what each player wants to really, finally, settle the whole "edition war" nonsense....or at least throw some water on the fire, maybe give us enough time to know... play the game for once!

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