Monday, July 29, 2019

Pathfinder 2.0 Character Sheets Are In The Wild

The blog post about them at Paizo is here, and you can download the print-friendly version here. There is also a delightfully odd color version available which I think has a nice look to it but is too weirdly busy with the colors to be useful. No form-fillable edition (yet), I'm sure we'll see some soon enough.

One thing I like about these sheets right off the bat is that they are not that different from current Pathfinder 1.0, and it is clear that the majority of the obvious changes in terms of the information are organizational. This is a good sign as I see it....if this leads to a Pathfinder which looks and plays like the one we all enjoyed (assuming you are a Pathfinder 1.0 fan) then learning the new edition will mostly be a matter of adjusting to the cleaner structure of the math and progression, which I do see reflected on this sheet. Things I don't see on this sheet (thankfully) include weird new mechanics or extra layers of complication.

Now, it's still a very busy character sheet compared D&D 5E, so I think it's core fans are not necessarily going to be the "less is more" crowd....but we'll see! Either way I am really looking forward to the big reveal this week.

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