Sunday, July 28, 2019

Classic Doom, Doom II and Doom 3 on Switch

This happened out of the blue:

And honestly, this is really very cool of Bethesda to do. You can now play the full run of the core Doom games through to the current game on Switch, which is honestly a great platform for this style of shooter, especially the originals. It also helps bolster Switch's modest array of FPS style shooters, of which there are a few good ones but not nearly enough.

Switch is rapidly turning in to a premiere system not only for fans of indie games and Nintendo properties, but for fans of  nostalgia and retro gaming (if we interpret nostalgia to mean anything from the 90's to the 00's and think of even Xbox 360/PS3 era titles as worthy of this title) these are great titles to have access to. But...hey, it works; I may be long done with Saint's Row the Third on PC, but the opportunity to play it in portable form at my leisure today on the Switch is great.

The classic Doom titles are priced reasonably (Capcom take note) at $5 apiece for I and II and $10 for 3. I'll continue to state what I long feel is probably an "exception to the norm" opinion that Doom 3 is the best and most underrated of the titles....Doom I and II were great for what they did, but Doom 3 was the game that actually got me seriously in to FPS gaming on PC, and the frenetic style of the 2016 Doom may be welcome to fans of the original, but Doom 3's attention to atmosphere and horror as well as story remains the best in the series for me. Playing it on the Switch is a very cool experience.

Anyway....Switch continues to be the most oddly enjoyable console I've got, mainly due its embrace of these retro ports (and no doubt other games if you're a more traditional Nintendo fan). It still suffers from having a ton of crappy indie titles on its roster (sure, there are good indie titles, too but you have to wade through a lot of garbage to find the gems), but with these tried and true classics on Switch it continues to be a fantastic console experience.

Now: Bethesda, release all the Quake titles on Switch next! Pleeeeaaaase! Doom is fun but Quake is better, and I'd kill for a good port of Quake 4 on Switch.

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