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The Selutar Lizard Men of Sarvaelen in Fantasy AGE

The Selutar: Lizard Men of Sarvaelen

The rapacious and violent Selutar are raiders, marauders and destroyers who seek to destroy humanity and indeed all life itself. They are subterranean dwellers in the dark, sometimes labeled troglodytes and beast men, but in fact unrelated to either of those equally dangerous kindred. The Selutar are driven by the worship of the Dark Mother Eshraggol, an immense, bloated dragon goddess, an Old One from before the Fall of Camrinal that is said to have given birth to their fouls species at the dawn of time, and to have forged her children into an army of shadow destined to seek the extermination of man ever since. As with all such chaoskin, the Selutar are defeated only by their own lack of organization and inability to focus on meaningful military structure, preferring instead overwhelming horde tactics.

Because Selutar are most dangerous when their population goes unchecked, regions like Aeronost employ mercenary companies and some dedicated knighthoods (such as the Vigilant Order of the Dragon) to seek out and slaughter Selutar in their subterranean homes whenever possible.

There are rumors of Selutar dwelling in the deep woods and mountains of some regions who have cast off the religious fanaticism of their underground kin. These remote colonies are usually far removed from men, and when found by their zealous kin are usually hunted to destruction. There is a legend about a pious Saint Erasma, a servant of Nevereth who converted the first Selutar to the worship of the goddess and thus explaining the appearance of rare but nonviolent lizard men.

Despite their religious fervor, there are few sorcerers among the Selutar. Most priest do not cast magic, though they still engage in ancient rituals, often at profane sacrificial sites that contain inherent magic which they call upon through grim sacrifice. The occasional true sorcerer among the Selutar usually seeks to follow the goddess as a shaman or cultist, but occasionally such enlightened lizard men break away entirely to pursue greater mysteries, as the acquisition of such power tends to open their minds to a broader perspective on the nature of arcane power in the world.

Selutar Statistics
1 Accuracy
-2 Communication
0 Constitution
2 Dexterity (stealth)
3 Fighting (bludgeoning, bite, spears)
-1 Intelligence
2 Perception (searching, smelling)
2 Strength (swimming)
0 Willpower
Speed  10        Health 30        Defense           12        AR 4 (natural scales)

Weapon (attack/damage)

Spear +5 to hit, 1D6+6 damage

Bite +5 to hit, 1D4+3 damage and target must make a contested Constitution check vs. TN 13 or suffer a painful bacterial infection (see diseased bite, below).

Special Qualities:

Favored stunts: skirmish (1 SP for first 4 yards of movement), lighting attack (2 SPs)

Scaly Hide: selutar lizard men have natural hide armor (4 AR).
Uncanny Sense of Smell: Selutar have an unusually keen sense of smell.

Darkvision: selutar are adapted for total darkness, able to see with low-light vision in pitch black conditions as if it were an overcast day.

Diseased Bite: Selutar have bacteria-filled saliva that is dangerous to those they bite. A bitten target must make a contested Constitution check vs. TN 13 or suffer a painful bacterial infection that stops any regeneration and impairs the sickened individual with a -1 penalty on all ability checks due to fever; effect takes within 1D6 hours of the bite. Each day a new check may be made to recover; each failure increases the penalty by 1. If the penalty reaches -6 the victim dies. Each success reduces the penalty by 1 for every 3 points over the TN rolled. If the target reaches a zero penalty they recover.

Selutar Mages: Selutar who become priests and cultists of Eshraggol are usually female or strong males, and have a 50% chance of developing a chaotic feature (see chart below). Selutar mages usually have an intelligence and willpower of 1 or more, and are trained in the Earth and Water Arcana.

Suggested Chaotic Features of Selutar Mages (2D6): 2-3 regeneration; 4 armored; 5-6 Shadow; 7-8 winged; 9 mighty, 10 multiple limbs, 11 blending 12 roll twice. See FAGE Bestiary for how these qualities work. Multiple limbs may allow more than one attack at GM's discretion. All chaotically marked selutar mages are mutated in unique and often disturbing ways.

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