Sunday, November 29, 2015

Observations in the Wee Hours

I haven't played much Fallout 4. I fully intend looks great....but I want to wait for the furor over this game to die down. I have never seen a game so over-saturated in the media as this. Seriously....this used to be a franchise for the dedicated, now it's for the masses. I'm glad....I guess....but what the hell happened? The game's sold triple the copies in one week that the original did.

...Of course I said the same thing about Dragon Age: Inquisition and I still haven't gotten to that one, either. Is it possible I'm saturated on AAA action RPGs right now?

As tabletop a player I continue to find the fun elusive. I think my problem (and it caught me in last night's game) is that I'm so used to deferring to the focusing on them....that I have got no idea how to focus on one character and make it my "thing." Nor how that process works in conjunction with the DM....especially if the DM seems to have a specific plot direction and goal that I can see, regardless of whether it's tethered to any semblance of evident plot or direction. Damn...I did it again! I need to try a few different GMs and games, see if I can figure out my player style, and also figure out if it's really me, or really my relationship to a given DM's style. Hmmm.

I did have a lot of fun rolling up some weird characters for the game though, even if in the end I played the wretched fighter instead of my Awakened Gorilla or my deep one hybrid cleric of Moander.

Oh, if you haven't heard Runequest 2 did go full Kickstarter on us and blew through its goal in hours. Back it! Only $30 for the hardcover.


  1. Awakened Gorilla, Cleric of Moander. Can you share these awesome ideas with your readers?

    1. Heh! They are forthcoming. That said, the awakened gorilla is actually something I found on the Pathfinder SRD here:

      But I worked out a way to make awakened gorillas in D&D 5E as a template that is scheduled for Friday. I've got an adaptation of the deep one hybrid as well scheduled Wednesday.

    2. Since I've got you, and I keep forgetting to check Google Hangouts, I did close my Tumblr blogs. Problem was I was wasting too much time on Tumblr so I had to quit it....Tumblr had become for me the modern equivalent to channel surfing at 1 AM

    3. I understand completely, I enjoyed yours for some D&D Inspired writing prompts.