Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dungeon Crawl Classics 4th printing: The Stretch Goals Are Making Me Nervous....

UPDATE: I'm sticking with it....merry XMas to me! They've hit over $200K now. Dang!

I'm still backing the Dungeon Crawl Classics 4th printing. I really, really do want an additional copy with that awesome Peter Mullen cover. I was completely satisfied at that point. I was also happy when DCC module #75 was added as a stretch goal because it's the only DCC module I don't own. But...well...go check out the stretch goals that have been hit since (I'll wait):

...satin bookmarks, dust jacket, built-in 4 panel screen, gilded pages, thumb tabs, pocket folder, bookmarks and custom pencils. Also, six module reprints. Plus some add-ons like DCC compilation that I'm snagging.

Now, I am actually very eager to get all of this...even though it sounds like there are so many features in this book it will possibly achieve sentience and join Skynet in a war against us. But these stretch goals make me nervous....I normally DO NOT back Kickstarters with too many stretch goals, as they have a reputation for being problematic, and I feel that the Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Kickstarter was a great example of how too many stretch goals tainted the actual goal of getting an anniversary edition rulebook out.

Have any of you backed a Goodman Games Kickstarter before? Has it been a good experience? I need some looking at the Goodman Games Kickstarter list it looks like the only as-yet unfulfilled KS is the Grimtooth Compilation, which I assume is looking to be about five months overdue right now.


  1. I backed both The Chained Coffin and Peril on the Purple Planet and GG delivered what was promised, including the stretch goals.

    1. Both great books, too. As someone else pointed out to me on G+ this is just cosmetic stuff....the text is written since it's all just reprints. Given that, I think I'm worrying needlessly.

  2. I have had excellent results from all GG Kickstarters, but I agree that once I see stretch goals get out of hand - especially when they start including non-book items like t-shirts, posters, dice, miniatures - I usually avoid that Kickstarter.

  3. IIRC, the very first GG KS project was for *nothing but swag*, and it went fine. This should be no different, as far as GG's influence on it goes. Obviously there could be supplier/printer problems, but that could happen to anyone.