Friday, November 6, 2015

Ancient Kingdoms - Mesopotamia for $2

This was one of the best 3rd edition era supplements ever made, and easily converted to Pathfinder, S&W or 5th edition --or with a bit of work you could use it with For Gold & Glory, which recently became my favorite OSR game, but more about that later.

Anyway, it's a setting book set in ancient fantastic Mesopotamia, a sort of Howardian take on the mytho-historic realm as it might have been, with several fully loaded scenarios sufficient for a great campaign and plenty of details on Mesopotamian deities to boot. It's not precisely a historical book, though it is set in a version of the actual historial realm of the Tigris & Euphrates river....more like an agglomeration of the most interesting bits combined with the sensibilities of its time. The book was ahead of its time; this could have (and should have) been released as an OSR tome later on. Anyway......$2 for a PDF today only, so check it out! Use the code DD-AKM-1559


  1. Cool thanks for the tip - just snagged a copy. $2 is too good to pass up. I have always wanted to run some Mesopotamian games and have compiled quite a few resources, but never actually bit the bullet and got the campaign going. Maybe this is the impetus I needed

    1. For more cool inspiration on gaming in ancient Sumeria/Mesopotamia follow Elfmaids & Octopi who has a long-running campaign set in the historical period, as well