Monday, August 3, 2015

Enascentia Kickstarter - high fantasy from Italy for Savage Worlds

Enascentia has some amazing art....evocative of Anima, a really stellar European RPG because some of the artists are the same, but this time it's Savage Worlds powered, so the rules will make sense! (I kid slightly; Anima does make sense, but it takes a bit of work to figure that game out).

Anyway, the Kickstarter is ongoing. Since I've recently lost my ability to maintain common sense* on these things, I want to spread the word and hope that you, too, will back. It's closing on August 23rd, and the Regular GM level is about $71 US plus $19 shipping to get the hard cover GM and Player's books.

These books exist and are a thing in Italy, so we're looking at a translated edition in the US. I'm going to hedge on the side of optimism and hope that this all goes well for the planned December 2015 release date, because it really does look Too Cool not to get.

From the main page, here's what the two books contain:

  • 10 detailed new races, provided with complete history, habitats in the 4 different continents, and a couple famous characters for each of them
  • 6 new Skills, including create poisons, create potions, and magical inscription 
  • 8 new Hindrances, for either newly generated characters and already existing ones
  • 45 new Edges, including 23 professional ones made to fit the ten Tribes.
  • 15 potions
  • 20 poisons and custom rules to apply them
  • 14 magical tattoos
  • 52 new powers
  • 60 ways to customize and create your own magical items and weapons
  • 10 powerful artifacts
  • 5 ready to play character sheets and a customizable blank one

  • The lore and hidden history of Enascentia: all the information a player should discover playing rather than just reading.
  • The Lost Tribes: creatures of myth belonging to lost ages.
  • Geography: everything you need to know about the 4 known continents
  • More than a hundred ready to use NPCs and sixteen templates to build your own
  • Guidelines for building adventures, the Plot Point Campaign "The Awakening" and 4 Savage Tales.
  • 50 brand new monsters, provided with stats, background information, and habitats.

*I have no idea what happened. I did so well for so long, and suddenly I'm backing three Kickstarters. WTF.

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