Sunday, August 16, 2015

Auctions, Auctions, Auctions

Remember Mt. Zogon and Slice of Death? I Miss Dave's stuff, he was
THE BEST!!!!!!

I've had a low post count for a few days....missed both game groups....and since Wednesday last week have been deathly ill with something weird, flu-like and severely fever inducing. I finally turned around a bit on Saturday and here I am at 5 in the morning feeling weirdly okay and engaging in a bit of manic Ebay fun. If you're interested, check out my auctions here. A lot more are timed to start at 8:30 PM (MST) and will be real 7-day auctions. I'll probably post even more after some sleep.

While lying around near death I realized I had a lot of crap. A LOT of it. And a lot of stuff I knew I had bought because the store owner of location X was selling something for a song that I couldn't resist, knowing it was going for big bucks on Ebay. At last, after a lengthy absence, I realized it was time to do a bit more Ebay selling. Yay for iphone cameras.

A few notes about what I am getting rid of:

I have a lot of Traveller editions, but the one I will use to play is not the pristine Deluxe Traveller up for sale. Also, Interstellar Wars, which I have never read or used and never will, although it looks interesting.

I have a lot of Runequest stuff, but the Runequest I have fond nostalgia for is actually RQ3, the version that I really got in to; I only ran about 8 games in RQ2 (that I can recall).

I love Mutant Epoch, but after a couple years of collecting it I still can't muster up the requisite energy to plow through even one of the massive sourcebooks. My future post-apoc plans all revolve around Savage Worlds, Mutant Year Zero or Cypher System right now (emulating a hybridization of Fallout and Appleseed). Mutant Epoch is very cool but surprisingly demanding for an OSR-hybrid title. The books deserve a more dedicated soul's attention.

I'm ditching Shadowrun auction-style. I have finally accepted that liking the CRPGs does not mean I will like the paper and pencil version. Really it's the same issue I have with Mutant Epoch: too much content, not enough time left on the planet to figure it all out (damn you D&D 5E for taking up 90% of my gaming time.

I have some odd strays lying around....Planescape, for example. They've actually been waiting in a "send to Ebay" pile for ages. Also, stuff like Tomb of Abysthor (which is perfect condition, but I have the Frog God revision) and Red Hand of Doom (which is very popular as 3rd edition modules go, and somehow I found a pristine copy languishing on a back shelf in a local store, the owner of whom hasn't actually heard about the internet yet).

And then there's Blood & Smoke, which is a cool book but putting it on Ebay is my way of facing reality: I'm never gonna run it or really even properly finish reading it (I think I got 75% through before I was distracted) because I just don't grokk to the White Wolf/Onyx methodology on gaming, and my wife, who left the WoD and LARPing behind ages ago will never look back, so it might as well go to a home that can appreciate it properly.

More eventually!

UPDATE: I have 40 listings up now. Mutant Epoch went first....go figure! RQ2 went next. I have probably 2-3 more boxes of another 50-100 listings I'll eventually get up, including both old and new games, and a few more surprises.

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