Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Primeval Thule Closing in on Zero Hour - new stuff unlocked + General Kickstarter Update

Primeval Thule for D&D 5E is about a day away from closing as of writing, and the PDFs of the GM's Companion, Player's Companion and Adventure Anthology have transformed into print add-ons. This naturally shoved me deeper into the hole because if I'm already getting the main book, GM screen and map I might as well get the whole enchilada. I mean....between Frog God and Sasquatch Studios, this will make for a well-rounded year of 5E products regardless of WotC's schedule.

I bailed on the Mythos Kickstarter but I don't feel bad about it; Troll Lord is very good at getting their product out and available for purchase and I will be more than ready for it when they show up. At this point the only thing I'm really missing is my name in the KS credits of the book. Either way, that's money I can funnel in to Primeval Thule, a setting I find rather cool for a system I actually run 1-2 times a week.

Still hanging on with Enascentia. I sort of feel like it's worth it; the style and direction of the Italian fantasy RPG powered by Savage Worlds is just too impressive, and the parties involved diverse enough (and blooded) such that it seems like it's both a sure bet and the sort of book that one will want and have a hard time finding if you don't back it otherwise.

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