Saturday, August 29, 2015

Atakan Jackal Men for Runequest 6

Say whaaaaaat? Yes, I have been motivated to work out some new Runequest 6 content after being invited to play and/or run RQ6. Verrrrry excited!!! Since I'm statting out Atakans, it's not a far cry to imagine I'm using Pergerron as the setting....

Atakans in Runequest 6

STR 3D6+3 (14), CON 2D6+6 (13), SIZ 2D6+6 (13), DEX 3D6+3 (14), INT 2D6+6 (13), POW 3D6 (11), CHA 3D6 (11)
APs 3     DMG +1D2          MPs 11 Move 8 SR 13     Armor: scale (AP 4 penalty 5)and hoplite shield
Roll        Loc.                    AP/HP
1-3          left leg                  4/6
4-6          right leg                4/6
7-9          Abdomen             4/7
10-12     Chest                     4/8
13-15     left arm                 4/5
16-18     right arm               4/5
19-20     head                      4/6
Combat Style: Atakan Hoplite (spear, 1H swords, shields, javelins, bite) 55%
Skills: Athletics 55%, Brawn 50%, Endurance 58%, Evade 45%, Perception 45%, Survival 45%, Unarmed 50%, Willpower 40%
Attack                   Damage               Size/Reach     Combat Effects        AP/HP
Bite                        1D4+1D2              S/M                grip, impale               natural
Scimitar                 1D8+1D2              M/M               bleed                           6/10
Hoplite shield       1D4+1D2               H/S                  bash, stun loc.            6/15
Javelins (4)           1D8+1+1D2           H/10/20/50     impale, pin shield M   3/8        

Scent: Atakans have a keen sense of smell which grants them advantage to detect the nature and approximate location of any target within 60 feet that could emit an odor (including invisible creatures or objects) on a successful perception check (contested if the target is specifically obscuring his or her scent).
Hardy Desert Dwellers: Atakans are used to roughing it in harsh desert climates, and gain a 20% bonus on any Survival checks in dry desert conditions due to thirst or heat exhaustion. Atakans can go for up to one week without water before experiencing dehydration effects.

Atakans are tall jackal-headed men who have the bodies of humans but the heads of jackals. They are not related to jackalweres, which are a cursed race infected with abyssal taint….the atakans are an ancient race which claims to predate human and elvenkind’s existence in the mortal realm. In Pergerron atakans dwell mostly in the wastelands outside of the human city-states of Anansis, and many atakans dwell in the Vumaskan lands to the east. They are suitable as a player-character racial option. The stats presented here are for an atakan commoner of no special skill who is a bit hardier as a physical laborer.

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