Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Greyhawk & Wizardry plus more Frog God Coupon Madness

I figured out what works well for my hypothetical Greyhawk campaign that I am most definitely not spending too much time on, such that I am neglecting my blog and other hobby duties:

It's a cool Erol Otus cover, which is indisputably awesome and such, but to be honest I prefer the original Complete edition cover:

To be fair though S&W Complete would fit well with my Ages of Lingusia setting, too....or Pergerron, which is spawned out of the Basic/Expert core conceits. Or I could return to my decommissioned S&W setting, the Rising Dark Campaign which I had wrapped up and published right around the time I started this blog. But the idea of a pure Greyhawk game continues to nag at my mind...

While I have owned the original Complete edition of S&W for some time now (and played in a campaign my wife ran with it a few years back, shortly before we acquired the munchkin) I haven't gotten the latest version yet, nor have I picked up Monstrosities (or the GM Screen). Thanks to yet another coupon deal from Frog God I've rectified that. Speaking of which: 25% off until Midnight May 15th with WOOT-25%-OFF!

Just spreading my fever for the Frog God....

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