Friday, February 20, 2015

Neill Blomkamp on for the next Alien movie

Neill Blomkamp is officially on board for a new Alien film. This is the guy behind District 9, Chappie and Elysium, among others. He posted some design work on a hypothetical Aliens film that would be an "alternate history sequel" of sorts to Aliens...something which seemed a bit unfeasible given the current age and inclination of the original actors, in which Corporal Hicks and  Newt live again (and not just in the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game way). It also suggested some very weird thematic designs, including Ripley in what looked like an Alien spacesuit. Hmmmm.

Given some of the thematic elements in Blomkamp's movies, it won't surprise me if Ripley somehow manifests in the film (or some cypher/substitute if Weaver is tired of dragging her character on) with a bit of an Alien DNA problem....but I kinda hope not since that was at least part of the many reasons Alien: Resurrection was such a bad movie.

It also won't be a "Prometheus 2" and will apprently take place an undefined amount of time after the sister franchise....which of course is reasonable. Anything else would only be worse and more confusing to the Alien/Prometheus Universe.

You know....I like everything he's done, and while I'm not too keen on a retcon film, I'll take what I can get when the odds are good the results will be worth it. Consider me intrigued at what Alien 5 will bring to the table now.


  1. A saw the headline for this as well and got pretty dang excited. I did not know it was going to be a sequel, if its retconning or completely absolving the things from Alien:Ressurection I think ill be ok with that.

    1. I think it's only an issue if they use Ripley and co.....then it becomes a retcon. My understanding (though I can't find the link) is that Neill's idea wouldn't precisely null Alien 3 and A:R but it would provide a basis for a new "alternate history" that still makes sense. I'd be happy with that too....A:R was just such a departure, and A3 was, while not a bad movie, also not very inspired and it was driven in the plot by Sigorney Weaver's desire (at the time) to get out of future Alien movies. The kind of horrible sequels only the 90's could cough up, really.....but personally I'm hoping he goes for fresh turf, with new characters. The Alien universe should expand beyond Ripley's personal never-ending story.