Friday, February 27, 2015

Lands of Pergerron: Amaskar "Blacktooth" Saelyndin (half-orc monk folk hero)

Amaskar “Blacktooth” Saelyndin

Amaskar was the bastard son of Kalabar Drethos, warlock-king of Mt. Gol. His mother was the elven sorceress Ayetha, but she died shortly after childbirth and he was given to her sister and kin to be raised. He was taken with the Saelyndin clan to Caluum where a healthy elvish district resides to be raised in a more cosmopolitan city than the Sybariti elves could offer in the forest. Amaskar became obsessed with the Monastery of Greatwater where the warrior-monks of Kalar resided, and petitioned for entry. He is an avid student. During a visit to the north Amaskar was instrumental in saving a village from the Behir of Gataz, and so his life as a local folk hero began.

Recently Amaskar fell in with a group of malfeasant rogues and tomb robbers, seeking to aid them in a quest to find a dragon. He was badly wounded and left in the swamp, believed dead. A kindly lizardfolk shaman named Sis’thik found and nurtured him back to health.

Race: half-orc male; Class: Monk, Level : 2; XP: 300
Alignment:  chaotic  good            Background: folk hero
Half orc of Sybariti elvish mix and orcish blood of Mt. Gol; grew up in Caluum’s elvish district

STR 12   DEX 15  CON 13 INT 10   WIS 15  CHA 10 
HD 2D8+2; HPs 15;  AC 14
Saves: Str +4, Dex +4
Languages: Anansic (common), orcish, elvish
Skills: Animal Handling +4, Athletics +4, Acrobatics +4, Intimidation +2, Survival +4
Tool Proficiencies: Scribner’s Artisan Tools
Racial Features: darkvision 60 feet, menacing, relentless endurance, savage attacks (+1 dice crit)
Monk Traits: unarmored defense (AC=10+Dex+Wis), martial arts (1D4; finesse option, bonus strike), unarmored movement (speed 40 feet unarmored)
Folk Hero Trait: rustic hospitality, defining event (stood alone against the Behir of Gataz)
Ki Points: 2; Ki Save DC 12
Ki Features:
Flurry of Blows (Cost 1 ki; get 2 unarmed strikes after an attack action)
Patient Defense (cost 1 ki; take dodge action as a bonus action on your turn)
Step of the Wind (Cost 1 ki; get disengage or dash as bonus action on your turn; jump distance doubled)

Armor:  none    
Melee Weapons: shortsword (+4 attack, 1D6+2 damage); fist (+4 attack, 1D4+2 damage)
Ranged Weapon: shortbow (+4 attack, 1D6+2 piercing, range 80/320)

Equipment: explorer’s pack, quiver with 20 arrows, scribner’s toolset, shovel, iron pot, common clothes,belt pouch, 10 GP
Trinket: a bag of orc bone fragments (remnants of his orcish clan)   

Personality Trait: Judges people by actions, not words
Ideal: Freedom!
Bond: protects those who cannot protect themselves   
Flaw: the warlord of Mt. Goal has it out for Amaskar (might be a blood relation…)