Friday, February 13, 2015

I've got a fever...a fever for the Frog God

In case you hadn't heard, Frog God Games has this new daily deal thing going. So far I've picked up The Lost City of Barakus and Against Tsathogghua in PDF for $2, Tome of Adventure Design in PDF for $10.50, and today I snagged Razor Coast in print and PDF for $60. Honestly this started even before the new sale deal when I pre-orded my copy of Fifth Edition Foes last week and then got a coupon for Stoneheart Valley in print for $20. Good stuff. I suggest signing up for news and offers on their site, it's worth it.

If you didn't know it, this is a hardcover revision of Wizard's Amulet, Crucible of Freya AND Tomb of Abysthor represented as a full setting
A couple important details if you've never ordered from Frog God before, because until I got Fifth Edition Foes this was not obvious from their website: when you buy a print copy of a book, you also get the PDF as part of the deal. Most web retailers note this (Pelgrane and Kobold Press, for example) but for the longest time I didn't try to buy from Frog God directly because it seemed like the listing was for the print or PDF, not both. So, keep that in makes their prices a better deal, and the sales even nicer.

If you get a coupon and it doesn't work, contact their service via email on site. They had my issue fixed like two minutes later and the code worked.

Most of Frog God's games are in Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry formats, so you can pick your preferred poison. So far they have the free version of Wizard's Amulet and the forthcoming Fifth Edition Foes out for 5E (the PDF is available immediately, and its pretty awesome). I am hoping for a lot more 5E from them in the future, but honestly conversion in 5E is a piece of cake (something I suspect WotC intended for this edition), so I've been snagging lots of Pathfinder-friendly versions to that end....although in retrospect S&W versions might actually be easier to convert to 5E. Ah well...

Anyway, these sales are great....I've actually been keen on most of what Frog God has to offer, but their products are not available through retail and frankly have been priced at "prestige" level prices, putting the bulk of their tomes out of my $$$ comfort zone for something I wasn't sure I'd use at the game table or not. $100 for Razor Coast? Eyyaaaaah I'll just wait and watch Ebay for a few years. $60? Well that's not too much more than the Core Rules for Pathfinder.....sure, I'll bite. PDF comes with it? Deal!!!!!

The description of this module alone sounds worth it. I shall now hope that future sales include discounts on the other books in the series.

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