Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Subterranean Press Humble Bundle

I have to mention this one, not just because I bought it, but because it's frankly a really nice collection of all the Subterranean Press releases in digital format (epub, mobi and pdf). The bundle includes works from Joe Lansdale (if you haven't read Joe Lansdale go shoot yourself and then come back as a zombie cowboy), Caitlin Kiernan, Cherie Priest, Dan Simmons, Connie Willis, the late Jack Vance (whom all should experience), Robert McCammon (another horror great), Clive Barker, Tim Powers (Powers remains one of my top ten author influences on my perception of what constitutes good fiction, period), and Thomas Ligotti (a contemporary edition of Lovecraft, I have always felt). Harlan Ellison. Joe Scalzi.  There are more, but seriously, this is already an amazing list.

Right now for $15.00 (as of 2/25/15) you get 22 tomes. That is a lot of good reading for less than a buck apiece.

I can vouch for Joe Lansdale's work. I can assure you Vance is amazing. I have the greatest respect for Ligotti. The rest is going to be largely new to me (even the Tim Powers books which include a return to the Anubis Gates universe and Salvage and Demolition, which I had not heard of before now), but there's some seriously good pedigree here.

There are roughly 6 1/2 days left on this deal as of 2/25/15 so go check it out.

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