Monday, February 23, 2015

Frog God Fever Continues: Quests of Doom I and II up for pre-order now

Frog God fever continues, this time with Quest of Doom volumes I and II for D&D 5th edition here. Of course Fifth Edition Foes is up as well....and remember, you get both the print and PDF when you order the physical copy, a pretty good deal! Shipping in the States is very reasonable, too.

As I understand it, each of these books contains an adaptation of the modules from another tome of the same name that was written for Pathfinder and S&W. Naturally I hope they sell lots of copies, prompting them to adapt other Frog God/Necromancer tomes to Fifth Edition.

Note to my regulars: try not to read these if you get them, I plan on running these modules, mkay? And if you do read them, try hard to pretend like you didn't or Cthulhu will eat you.

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