Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tomb Raider is Damned Good

I'm only a couple hours in so far (up in the mountain temple, shortly after acquiring the handgun) but Tomb Raider has blown away my expectations, which were admittedly low. There hasn't been a good Tomb Raider in a while (Legends was the last one for me) and even worse, the Tomb Raider franchise was looking hopelessly antiquated in the wake of Uncharted, Far Cry 3 and other games operating within the same niche. Well guess what....the new Tomb Raider blows them all away and really hits the "action-adventure" button right on the head. This game manages a fantastic blend of cinematic adventure, realistic environments, compelling gameplay and a character (Laura) that you empathize with all the way along.

Anyway, I had to stop and take a break....too tired, must get rest.....but I am dying to keep going. Anyway, you have been advised! This is one to get. I'll do a proper review once I finish it.

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