Friday, March 15, 2013

Resident Evil 6 X Left4Dead 2 Team Up!

You know you're a sorry junkie for video game zombies when this news excites you. It looks like the survivors from Left4Dead 2 (Coach, Ellis, Nick and Rochelle) will be joining the RE6 gang in Mercenaries mode. Meanwhile some of the Resident Evil 6 monstrosities will drag their sorry carcasses over to the Left4Dead universe to harass the survivors in their native environment.

Personally, I am excited at this news, and it sort of tipped me over into the "will buy" side of the RE6 for PC camp (yes, I've been playing the Xbox 360 version, I know, I know, and yes that means buying the game again....sue me! I did the same thing with RE: Operation Raccoon City. I'm a damned Resident Evil junkie in case you haven't figured it out by now!)

Anyway cool pics ahead!

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