Sunday, August 13, 2017

Quests of Doom 4 Kickstarter - Funded, but is it worth it?

So first off, here's the Kickstarter:

I have all the prior QoD books as well as the 5E books released by Frog God Games so far. In fact I have almost all S&W and Pathfinder books as well, and about the only stuff I don't currently have are Slumbering Tsar, The Blight and Bard's Gate, chiefly because those books are too rich for me at their price points and their actual use is minimal; they would be vanity collector's purchases if I ever get them, and every time I check Frog God's site I never notice them in print for 5E, anyway.

In principle I think the idea of a collection of 32 page modules is great, and perhaps if I was just a guy looking for a module or three to run I might go in on a few if I was specifically excited about some of the descriptions provided. The problem is, I (and most people looking at a FGG Kickstarter) are not the "casual gamer looking at some random modules to buy and use" crowd. We are avid collectors of our favorite games, and most likely love the Frog God products we've purchased before, whether we use them, stick them on a shelf or simply admire the sheer effort put in to these tomes as fun reading.

Prior efforts by the Frog Gods to produce print modules have led to the following problems from a collector/fan perspective as I see it:

1. Finding them in print is damned hard. They don't tend to keep them in stock and in print, and the print run on softcover modules is lower than hardcover, meaning they are likely going to be hard or impossible to get later on if you don't back the Kickstarter. Examples of what I mean are rife on their site, with prior module collections from the past that are only available in PDF.

2. If you decide to back the Kickstarter, then once again there's a cost issue. The great thing about Quests of Doom 3 was I could put $40 and back it. I can't do that here and get all the content. I unfortunately have a lot of personal expenses and not nearly enough free income to invest in a 16 module collection at the price point they have set ($168 for the whole mess for just one system version). I could opt to grab just a few and then try collecting the rest later out of KS, but I'm leary of the likelihood they will have print copies available outside of the KS fulfillment, or that they will have enough to meet demand. Maybe they will, but I really don't know...y'know?

3. Discussion about the cost effectiveness has been discussed on the KS site, but as others pointed out, the entire module set is about as many modules as was released in the QoD Volumes 1 and 2 set from a couple years back. I'm not trying to begrudge their right to make more money on their work.....and this would be 16 modules at 32 pages each, of course, which is likely more content than the prior QoD series combined......but the problem is one of expectations.

4. I really think a series of hard covers, each containing 4-6 adventures, and structured to avoid some of the "reprint" modules that appear to be an issue for Pathfinder, would have been a smarter way to go. As it stands, I'm just not sure I can back this one at all unless I get lucky and have a windfall in my disposable income. And make no mistake....I would like to.

Anyway.....just some thoughts/musings. I suppose there wouldn't be much difference if they had simply said, "Now for a QoD 4 in the form of a 600 page super book for $160!" and I would still basically be, "I'll get this two years down the road with a coupon on their holiday sale because that's just too much for me to spend on a vanity product." Sigh.....if I had All The Money.....

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