Friday, January 15, 2016

Scarred Lands Kickstarter - now with 100% more official 5E Content

Scarred Lands was a setting released for D&D 3.0 that was actually one of the best of the first D20 era 3PP had the first monster tome out as well, beating even the 3.0 Monster Manual to press. The Gharspad campaign book and literally dozens of other setting and scenario books forged a pretty interesting world centered on a battered continent torn apart by deities (my kind of stuff), with a sort of "Mad Max" feel to it all.

Anyway, it's being developed for all the usual suspects now, including D&D 5E, and the link to the Kickstarter is here:

Not sure if anyone has details on Stewart Weick's prior Kickstarter success rate but please share if you do...I see a Talislanta Comic, the Aquellare RPG and others; those two are recent, which as always makes me a bit nervous (too many projects going at once?)

I am tentatively in for the 5E print+PDF level, but the wiser part of me thinks this is a better product to "wait and see" on.


  1. I know next to nothing about the Scarred Lands setting, but there are several Forum Denizens and Bloggers who's opinions/tastes I like who praise it.

    What are some of the things that make the "Scared Lands" cool for you Nicholas

    1. It's been a while, but it's one of the few setting I actually ran as-is back in the day. Scarred Lands has a good wiki entry summarizing what the setting is about here:

      Off-hand I recall each book had some evocative visuals and the whole titan/deity conflict was played up. The setting in a world felt to me like a transitional period between Forgotten Realms and Dark if Scarn (the world) is directly in the middle. For me at least it's squarly in my comfort zone for fantasy....gruesome deities, post-apocalyptic fantasy, a rough world and lots of room for big damn heroes and tragedy all at once.