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Dark Stars VII:Youganat, the gadgeteers

Like this, but with more ears

Youganat (humanoid alien species)

The Youganat are a starfaring race of ancient age, and were quick to warm to humans when they first encountered them early in the 27th century. The youganat were pivotal in winning the Machine War, in which the AIs of human space attempted to force a singularity which would have absorbed and wiped out biological beings.

Physically youganat look like wrinkled gnomes with four whispery “ears” that sweep back from their head, and skin tones from ruddy red to deep purple. They have male and female

The youganat species is native to a remote planet said to be on the far side of the Milky Way, it’s original location a carefully guarded secret. Most youganat are encountered in flotilla ship fleets, which move slowly and often through widely varying means of propulsion through known space. They seek out friendly civlizations with which to engage in trade and commerce and offer engineering advice and inventions. They seem to operate on a caste system based on profession, with the lowest rank professions dedicated to cleaning waste systems and air scrubbers, and the most elite positions managing flotilla operations and advanced engineering.

If using the sourcebook “Outer Space Raiders Volume I: Classes” from Magic Pig Media, youganat may pick engineer as a viable class. Youganat are also found as pilots (from White Star core), and rare youganat who rebel against their system are found as scoundrels (also from Outer Space Raiders Volume I) or mercenaries. Youganat seem to be unable to master the meditations of the mystical classes.

Racial Notes: youganat are humanoid but average 3.5 feet in height and move slower than regular humans (move 9). All youganat have keen hearing (as good as a dog’s) and can be hard to spot, thanks to being good at hiding when trouble brews (-2 penalty to a target trying to locate a hidden youganat, such as on a Wisdom check to detect his presence).

If you use Youganat as a racial class (as the Alien class in Outer Space Raiders Volume I) they have keen hearing and the ability to use all weapons and armor (thanks to their natural technical expertise) as alien traits at level 1, but still have move 9 and the -2 penalty to being spotted when hidden.

Sample NPC:

Humanoid male (Youganat) Engineer, level 3
Humanoid Description: red skinned, four long pointed ears, beady black eyes, 3.5 feet tall
STR 8 DEX 11 CON 9 INT 15 WIS 8 CHA 15
HD 3; HP 10; BHB +0; AC 12 (light; flight suit); ST 13
Save Modifiers: +2 save vs. explosions and similar effects

Engineer Abilities: Gadgets/day 2 (max level 2), burnout 1 in 6; Bubble Gum & Bailing Wire (1D6+1 hull points repair), Jury Rig (as level 1 pilot)

Typical Favored Gadgets: repair, personal gravity nullification field generator

Weapon: hydrospanner (club 1D6)

Oski is a dedicated engineer who chose his career/caste path among the Youganat people long ago. He is dedicated to the light exploratory cruiser “Juan One” currently. He is slow moving but very affable. Oski isn’t actually entirely sure what the ship mission is all about, but unknown to most of the crew he used to serve on Tesla Dane’s spacecraft, the Inescapable. She abandoned him in Imperial Space when she went on her mysterious crusade into Netherspace.  

White Star has captivated me enough that I actually
tried to....DRAW....again....!!!! Oh the humanity.
Anyway, here's a rendering of Oski, a youganat;
remember, he's only 3 feet tall

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