Friday, January 29, 2016

OSR Overload coming for February

This week print copies of the following have arrived:

S&W White Box
S&W White Box Omnibus
White Lies*
The Graveyard at Lus
Hulks & Horrors
Between Star & Void
Ruins & Ronin 
Five Year Mission (White Star Trek)
Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers (at long lost...what I nice and retro box set it is....)
Vault of the Ancients (LeBlanc strikes gold again)
Basic Psionics Handbook (best old school psionics book yet)'s OSR overload going in to February, all part of a "happy birthday to me!" event (technically next week, but who's counting?) Creeping up on the Big Ol' 45, lucky me!

I have a few more on the way, including the print version of Warriors of the Red Planet and everything in print for Mutant Future I could find on Lulu (that I didn't already have). I'll try to get some formal reviews out on all of this ASAP. Much of the White Star stuff can get some actual play reviews, too.....for example, I used the sector/system generation charts from Five Year Mission to create the Netherspace Sector for the ongoing game.

I'm really keen to try White Lies, the White Box system for espionage gaming. It looks very cool and has a great way of building scenarios and organizations for the game. Also keen to talk my groups into trying White Box S&W but that will probably get waylaid when Curse of Strahd arrives. At least we're playing our White Star campaign until March, and even then it will go until I've had enough time to read Curse of Strahd to run it.

*Actually my print copy had some serious printing errors, but OBS is graciously sending a replacement

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  1. I've thought about picking up Ruins & Ronin to use with White Star...