Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016: The Cleaning of the Shelves - a resolution many biblioholics may have gone through at least once or twice

Well I'm almost two weeks in to 2016 and working vigorously to clean out my overly large collection of gaming books. I did not help this situation last year....but after a move in December my wife and I agreed that we absolutely were not going to go through that experience again; dozens and dozens of book boxes are just no fun to move anymore, let me tell ya! So some of these books will seek out a home at the local used book shops, some will migrate on to Ebay, and some may be gifted out. I'll work on this over the next several weeks.

Cutting down my RPG selection will be easy and enormous number of my RPG tomes were bought for reading, not playing; that said, the ones that I do use, or plan to use, are pretty voluminous. Still, there's nothing like downsizing the collection to hammer home how prolific this hobby is, almost to a fault....we produce far more content, and som of us purchase far more content...than we can ever use.

Its not ALL me though. My wife has more knick-knacks, clothes and books than I will EVER have combined, and she's going to investigate shearing that all down a bit, too....

One of the booksellers who owned a shop off Broadway in Seattle
when I lived there gifted this book to me one day. I was a
frequent flyer reputation grew with every tome purchased, every
tome traded. I have kept this book as a reminder ever since not to fall
off the wagon, but it's damned hard....!!!!

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