Friday, December 18, 2015

The Force Awakened: A Spoiler Free Review

...actually the only spoilers I'll discuss are the ones which were floating about online and ALL turned out to be entirely incorrect! Kudos to Abrams for managing to keep this one so tight.

Short version: amazingly interesting movie, and a great new direction for Star Wars that both resolved a fun story in one episode and left many looming cliffhangers for the next.

It's really hard to talk about this movie without spoiling it. Hmmm. J.J. Abrams didn't use as much lens flare as he normally does (good). There was still some shaky-cam action in the film, but not as bad as in some other movies he's done (so mixed). The CGI was great but the actual live FX were even better, and the movie benefited greatly from Abrams' choice to lean heavily on live props.

This may sound hard to believe but the movie had what at first blush appear to be some odd science gaffs equivalent to the Star Trek films in scope., if J.J. Abrams has no sense of scale at all. But I could be wrong...I need to watch it again and read the book to see if in fact there was something I missed. Without giving anything away I'll just describe it as a series of oddities that left me wondering what the galactic scale of everything really was....this is nothing we haven't wondered about in prior Star Wars films, though, so business as usual.

Other than ready for some surprises if you can avoid spoilers! There are quite a few in this movie.

Best Part: far too many to count, and relaying any would be spoiling it. Maybe this is good enough: the film does a fantastic job of setting up our new, young heroes. Finn, Rei and BB-8 are worthy additions to the Star Wars universe. Kylo Renn is interesting and does the evil villain thing while being decidedly different....yet familiar.

Worst Part: this is a tiny sort of spoiler (very vague) so you are warned! Short version: what the heck was up with Captain Phasma?????? You'll see what I mean.

Otherwise: Big A+++ well worth seeing and a worthy Star Wars film.


  1. I indeed know what you mean, there were a few other 'what, why's' for me in the movie that I hope a second or 3rd watch will clear up, but at the moment feel like bad story telling moments.

    1. Yeah there were a few of these "WAT" moments....hoping a second viewing will reveal missed details. The scale issue plus what ever the heck was up with the first order world (and what it did) are really bugging me though. Abrams in SF sometimes feels like what bad fanfic SC feels like when the writer has done zero research on astrophysics. Still it's Star Wars so I can give it a bit of a pass that Star Trek is not allowed...maybe...

  2. ....semi spoilerish??? My other comment is that it's nice to see that Imperial Security Measures survived nicely in the First Order rules and procedures. Everyone on that side really needs a better Risk Assessment Team.

  3. And one last comment: for fun, after you see the movie, see how many borrowed ideas, names, ideas and vastly destructive objects you can count that were lifted from the old EU canon.

  4. The hardest part about this is not saying anything to anyone about it. Even to other people who I know have seen it simply out of fear that some one else may accidentally hear us.

  5. I enjoyed it, it wasn't perfect, but it was fun!