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Neighboring Lands in the Pellucid Kingdoms

Neighboring Lands in the Pellucid Region:
There are several locations in or near the region of Mercurios proper that bear mentioning.

   Located in the northern-most lands of the old Pellucid empire, this city once belonged to the ancient empire, and was even founded by its greatest ancient general, Alvenadras. It is a cross mixing of Pellucids and Nubirions.
   The current city-state is independent, and very powerful in the region, seeking tribute from many local tribes and polities. It is ruled by King Trabalas Garuh, the True born King (said to be a direct descendant of Alvenadras). His wife is the half-Varkalite Skimian Trianay, step mother to his true born daughter Cyria Nystor (a blood mage), and Prince Sabalen Shiantal-Nystor (also of the former true queen, Alia). He has a second wife, concubine Alsia Nariamal, and a third, Cyriana, a true Nubiri woman. He has 13 daughters and 11 sons to these wives and his dead wife, but none are considered true born.
   The Chancellor of the State is Kurdon Osho, a Nubiri blood mage and taciturn economist. He is very shrewd in dealing with foreign interests. The city’s master at arms is Luranges, a great warrior of true Varkal descent, dedicated to the ancient martial arts of the Nubiri. The wizened advisor to the king is Krios the Bald, a Correnstalian who has been exiled from his own realm but impressed the king in his youth with skill and tenacity.
   The General of the Armies is Pur Gan, a Nubiri of the eastern tribes who was conquered in warfare years ago by the King and swore undying fealty to him. He has fought many skirmishes to keep the peace of the Varkal lands.
A popular hangout in the city is the Wry Spriggan, owned and operated by a Varkal native named Tulboso, who caters to the wealthy foreign merchants. The spriggan is named after a specific fey creature, which Tulboso allegedly bartered with for his wealth and fame, all in exchange for his first born daughter!

The Dreamwood and the Dryssyrian Mountains
   A mystical woodland, running amidst the great mountainous ranges of the Dryssyrian Mountains, the Dreamwood and mountains contain many interesting things, including:
   The Stonebiter tribes, a loose association of ogres and ettins who are ruled by the giant lord Gagranor, father of Lady Poe’s only bastard son, Grigos, who dwells in the mountains with his father. They are sworn to allegiance with Poe.
   The elvish tribes of the Xernethian elves. Ancient elfin kin, far removed from fey lands over time and memory, they dwell as simple nomadic hunters and gatherers, but skilled with what they know. They are good at defense, and war with the Stonebiters, Kraggits, and other foes of the mountains.
   Somewhere in the woods is Castle Halyk, the cursed domain of Lord Sytos Halyk, who is lady Poe’s cursed ex-husband, trapped in undeath by her magic. He dwells forever more in shadowy limbo, and only on the nights of the new moon do he and his entourage of shadow minions arise to mock life.
Near Halyk’s castle is said to be a great lake, and along its waters the ancient elvish barrow lands. Long before the elves entered into the portal of the lake to another Fey realm, they buried their mortally killed here, in the ancient haunted barrows. The last avatar of the Aquarius stone was buried here.
Somewhere north of all that is the tomb of Iron Madragor, the first of the Iron Kings of Mercurios. It is a haunted, dangerous domain, said to be braved only by the ogres and the foolhardy.

Kraggit Orcs as Characters
   Kraggit orcs (old sp. Kraggit) are the strongest overall force in the mountain lands, but are incapable of uniting to become a force of power. The Kraggits will raid and make small wars with all neighbors, however, and so are despised and hunted in most lands. Nonetheless, many Kraggits are known to raid human lands in Mercurios and the Yellow Kingdoms, as well as Kasdalan, and half orc children in this region tend to come from the product of such deeds. Kasdalanians value half orc children; they are often brought in to the elite legions of Lady Poe's armies. In Mercurios, they are usually slain or raised in orphanages managed by the priests of Laddaskar, then forced to join the king’s armies when they come of age.
Use the template for player character orcs in the DMG for Kraggit orcs.
Brutish: Kraggit orcs and half orcs suffer serious Diplomacy and bluff penalties (disadvantage) when dealing with people in the Pellucid kingdoms and the Yellow Kingdoms (unless they are intimidating someone.)
Languages: Kraggit Orcs start with the Kraggit tongue, and may also learn one more of: Masirian, Ogreish, Tradespeak, Dragosian, Correnstallian, Goblinoid, Ogreish, or Minotaur.
Half Orcs: Rare Xernethian Half Orcs (half elf, half orc) are possible; Xernethian women who are taken by orcs will give birth and then abandon the half orc child at the doorstep of a human settlement, or accept exile from her clan and raise it herself. Such orcs may replace one orcish trait with one elvish trait.

Weak Magic: Kraggit orcs lean strongly toward the Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger or Rogue classes. Precious few Kraggits ever learn magic.

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