Sunday, December 13, 2015

Star Wars Hype Fatigue Almost Over

...I am simultaneously delighted and relieved that Star Wars:The Force Awakens is almost here. It means that I finally get to see it (tickets for the whole family already reserved) but even better it means that the long, gruesome, never-ending hype cycle will have to move on soon. I hope. Please. PLEASE END THE HYPE CYCLE!!!!!!!

Seriously....I know Star Wars has always been a major driver for toys and collectibles, and other businesses love to integrate Star Wars into their marketing, but it really feels to me like this particular movie has been hyped far beyond reason. Never have I felt so keen to see a movie and simultaneously so put off by the excess advertising. It's...weird. Maybe I'm turning a new corner in life and can resume being interested chiefly in the obscure and esoteric again. Maybe...I can be...a hipster (possibly again! I may have been identifiable as such during my years in Seattle. Heh)

Yes....I can see it now...

"Oh, I love Fallout. No, the original Fallout, not that contemporary pablum. I have an early dev copy when it was still a GURPS-powered engine. You've probably never heard of it."

"Star Wars original, pre-Lucas castration efforts is all good and well, but if you want to talk about real science fiction then I think we need to delve deeper and look at genuine works such as A Boy and His Dog, or perhaps Logan's Run. No, not Zardoz...that's far too conventional for my tastes. Films that retain the purity of a pre-Lucas era in science fiction films. You've probably never seen any of them."

"Oh goodness no OD&D is far too modern conceptually. I only run games now from the original typewritten photocopied manuscripts that date to 1973 or earlier. To really appreciate gaming we need to delve all the way back to Wells' pure vision of the hobby and move from there. I'm sure you've probably never played these games before as they were intended."

Hmmmm....I'd save a lot of money (but then probably not as I'd have to start drinking exotic microbrews again, buying overpriced hemp products and shop once more exclusively at organic farmer's markets.)


  1. The advertising is Ridiculous - there are packs of Oranges with that little droid on them and grapes with yoda tagged on the package...why! Why Yoda Grapes, as far as we know the only thing yoda eats its odd stews or porridge. His little alien body might not even be able to digest grapes! Not to mention a droid and oranges, it makes no sense!!

    Love the Hipster Tori quotes.

    1. LOL yeah it is insane. But with a 4 year old I can see why they are doing works....!!!! My kid is like basically living in a special universe that consists of Star Wars, Batman and the Avengers. Oh and Paw Patrol.

      I have more hipster quotes soon. I was thinking as a hipster I'd be into DC Comics because it's the one no one likes anymore (because they changed everything with new 52) but realized a real comic hipster would only be into the really weird local indie rags that are printed on stolen office copier paper.