Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sword Coast Legends Delayed....Again

Sword Coast Legends, for those of you not keeping score, is the new isometric CRPG being produced by n-Space. It's original release date was September 8th. Then it got pushed back to September 29th. Now it's being delayed again, this time until October 20th.

Wizards of the Coast just can't get a break anymore, can they?

The reason for the delay is time for more polish....which is a damned good reason, of course. But the fact that it's this close to release and still desperately needs polish is kind of concerning. I'm not one to advocate reading the PC Gamer forums, but a few posters on the news announcement over there have some interesting (and coherent) critiques of the closed beta on the game.

Let's just say that we should all downgrade our expectations from "The Next Neverwinter Nights" to maybe "hopefully better than Daggerdale."

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