Monday, September 21, 2015

Alephtar Games no longer licensed for Chaosium products? Revoluton to come...

There's a thread here on which does not provide details but does indicate that Alephtar Games no longer has a license to produce official Chaosium content. It suggests that they are looking for a "Revolutionary" solution which some have taken to imply is the Renaissance! RPG, a D100/BRP variant based on the OGL version of Legend. We could be wrong on that last one, but I'm hoping not. (UPDATE: and further browsing revealed this announcement. So they'll be doing their own D100-based system variant. Hmmm. On the plus side it will be OGL-based with an SRD, so if they do a good job on this then maybe Revolution will fill a void that Chaosium seems to be trying to close right now.)

Not sure what this means, other than that it seems that Chaosium is once more drawing tight on the third party publishers out there. Design Mechanism and Alephtar.....hmmmm.

I'll say this much: I am glad I already own all the Alephtar releases to date, and I have recently polished off my collection of Runequest 6 books so that I now own everything Design Mechanism has produced so far.

I better really, really, really like Call of Cthulhu 7th edition when it arrives. (Especially since I can't use my spanky new Cthulhu: Dark Ages 2nd edition which does not, in fact, contain the rules of play.....sigh....)


  1. Where is the announcement of their d100 OGL?


      Next to last bullet point under "What will be in the game?"

  2. That's annoying news... I thought Alephtar had chosen to go with their own system, not that they'd been cut off the BRP license.
    I'm not a fan of the changes of 7e and with this I'm kinda not liking the smell of what might be coming down the Chaosium pipe.