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D&D 5th: Sedara Braims, Level 10 human necromancer sage

So it begins! I'm going to produce as many new D&D 5th edition characters per week as I can find time for until the arrival of the Monster Manual. Some will be spanky new, some will be conversions of classic NPCs and retired characters from my campaigns, others will be off the cuff. Today we have a venerable treasure-hunting necromancer who is the youngest reluctant member of an ancient order of monster hunters....
Sedara Braims
Masirian female, age 34 (Setting: Realms of Chirak)
Wizard Necromancer level 10 Sage
STR      DEX     CON    INT      WIS     CHA     HPs      Proficiency     Spell Save DC Memorized    
10        12        10        20        14        13        52        +4                    17                    15
0          +1        0          +5(+9)  +2(+6)  +1       
Hit Dice           Init      Speed  Armor Class                Alignment      Level   Experience     
10D6                +1        30        14 (w/bracers)                        Neutral Evil     10        76,100
Spell    Cantrips          L1        L2        L3        L4        L5        L6        L7        L8        L9
Slots      5                      4          3          3          3          2          -           -           -           -

Saves               INT, WIS
Languages      Grelmanic, Elvish, Espanean, Masirian, Old Mythric, Inadasir, draconic
Feats               Linguist
Skills                Arcana +9, History +9, Intimidation +5, Deception +5
Wizard Traits  ritual casting, arcane recovery (5 levels), School of Necromancy, grim harvest, undread thralls (one extra, +10 HP, +4 attack), inured to undeath (necrotic resistance)
Sage Traits      Researcher

Spell Book:
Cantrips                      blade ward, light, poison spray, chill touch, true strike
Level 1                        comprehend languages, detect magic, false life, identify, mage armor, magic  missile, sleep, witch bolt
Level 2                        darkness, misty step, phantasmal force, invisibility, blindness/deafness
Level 3                        animate dead, bestow curse, fear, feign death, vampiric touch
Level 4                        Evard’s black tentacles, fire shield, phantasmal killer, stone shape, blight
Level 5                        cloudkill, contact other plane, contagion, teleportation circle

Armor              Cloak of Protection +1, Bracers of Defense +3                                 
Weapons        Dagger +1 (+6 attack, 1D4+2 damage)

Personality     I am the immortal daughter of one of the world’s greatest hunters of thousandspawn, and have the hubris to show for it.
Ideal                Power….the mastery of necromancy
Bond               I am descended from an ancient order dedicated to hunting and entombing thousandspawn and feel a need to fulfill my destiny
Flaw                My callousness often shows through, and I have severe empathy issues.

Brief History: Sedara Braims was the daughter of Daregos Braims, a famous monster hunter and agent of the ancient Order of the Thousand, a society of twelve hunters dedicated to hunting down and destroying or imprisoning the Thousdanspawn of the chaos god Ga’Thon. Sedara was indoctrinated into the order at a young age but has struggled with her inner desire for power and the need to aster death vs. her father's wishes that she use her magic to end the Thousandspawn. She started her career working to destroy Kostchie the Damned, and later assisted the Avatar Maretz with protecting the City of the Sun form the destruction of the chaos beast which is eternally devouring the sun. She was last spotted deep in the south beyond the kingdom of Daman on a quest for the Dagger of Shaligon, believed to be in the possession of a particularly vile thousandspawn.

Three Plot Ideas:

1. Sedara hires a young and naive group of adventurers to help her locate the enigmatic Dagger of Shaligon, but stumble across an orcish plot to destroy the kingdom using not the dagger but the even more exotic Eyes of Shaligon, which give the orcs a scrying advantage over the human kingdom.

2. Sedara has been summoned to the Order of the Thousand, which consists of herself and eleven aging hunters. Recently several members were slain, and they seek to replace those members with worthy heroes....Sedara is given the task of finding heroes worthy of this cause, something she despises but feels duty bound to assist on.

3. Sedara learns that the Lich King Malenkin has left his tower unguarded, apparently moving with his entire entourage to the Kaldinian Isles. She either hires adventurers to assist her on an expedition to investigate the tower and learn its secrets or she works for an oppositional group that the PCs must race against time to compete with.

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