Saturday, August 2, 2014

Campaigning in 1st Dynasty Babylon

It doesn't happen often, but I found a campaign that I'd love to play in. Elfmaids & Octopi's Konsumterra has me excited to read more as he posts his BRP-powered historical campaign set in the 1st Dynasty of Babylon. Great detail, and a good resource he's got going if the time period also intrigues you. I for one would love to play in a game in this time period.....I just don't know of anyone locally who would run such a game (sigh)...except me, of course.....


  1. ive spent a year grooming them with historical cthulhu morphing more into rq3 and brp

    1. I've been pouring through your links....really glad you've been doing this. Have you ever thought of polishing it up and presenting it to either TDM or Chaosium?