Thursday, August 7, 2014

BRP - Blood Tide at the printers

I didn't even know it existed a few minutes ago and suddenly I'm reading an email from Chaosium that a 240 page tome of piracy called Blood Tide for BRP is at the printers and due for release around August 18th. I like this version of Chaosium, where you don't even know a book exists and then suddenly there it is! Cunning strategy, that. And better than the alternative approach of announcing the book well in advance then missing deadlines by a few months or years (cough CoC 7th cough Pulp Cthulhu cough).

The order page is here. Chaosium has a great article on the age of piracy here. The author of this book is Kenneth Spencer, who's works include some decent stuff, nothing shocking but also nothing worrying, and the article he provided on the age of piracy looks good. His Rocket Age RPG has me tantalized, too.


  1. Yep, this one is a sure purchase for me.
    I'm glad the name got changed... assuming this is the same project that was once called 'Aargh Pirates!'

    1. Yikes! Yeah if it was the same project then the name change was a good thing.