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D&D 5th: Moloron the Younger, Level 8 Tiefling Warlock Sage

Contionuing the showcase of just what D&D 5th Edition can do with char gen....I present Moloron, a warlock of Far Therias in the Realms of Chirak:

Moloron the Younger
Tiefling male, age 35
Warlock Sage level 8
Tall, dark hair, reddish black eyes, lean goat-like horns and goatee, 6’4”, 175 lbs (gaunt)
STR      DEX     CON    INT      WIS     CHA     HPs      Proficiency                
10        10        10        12        16        20        48        +3                               
0          0          0          +1        +3/+6   +5/+8        
Hit Dice           Init      Speed  Armor Class                Alignment      Level   Experience     
8D8                  0          30        10                                Neutral Good  8          45,000
Spell    Cantrips          Spell Slots       Slot Level        Spell Save DC
Slots         3                      2                      4th                    16

Saves               WIS, CHA
Languages      Common (Ermanican), Infernal (Kaelinari), Ildrathari, Tuat
Skills                Arcana +9, History +9, Intimidation +5, Deception +5
Tiefling Traits darkvision, hellish resistance (fire), infernal legacy (thaumaturgy, hellish rebuke,  darkness)
Warlock Traits Pact of the Tome, Patron: The Fiend, Dark One’s Blessing, Dark One’s Own Luck
Sage Traits      Researcher

Cantrips                     eldritch blast, mage hand, true strike; thaumaturgy (tielfing)
Tome Cantrips         Guidance, fire bolt, poison spray
Level 1                        Armor of Agathys, Witch Bolt, burning hands, Hellish Rebuke (tiefling)
Level 2                        scorching ray, invisibility
Level 3                        dispel magic, fireball
Level 4                        fire shield
Invocations  Eyes of the Rune Keeper, Mask of Many Faces, One With Shadows, Agonizing Blast

Armor             deathcut leather +1 (AC 12; deals 1d10 necrotic back to melee attacker, 1/day)      
Weapons        Dagger +1 (+4 attack, 1D4+1 damage)
Magic              Circlet of Authority (get advantage on persuade/intimidation)

Personality     I am a student of esoteric knowledge who seeks to better my world, living in the shadow of my father's legacy.
Ideal                Power….the mastery of planar magic and pursuit of the mysteries my father sought.
Bond               I am an outcast from my homeland and have been liberated as an expatriate.
Flaw                I am overcome with the need to know outweighing safety.

Gold Pieces:          127         Platinum Pieces: 200

Background: Moloron’s father was an exile from the Therianic city state of Kaelinari, a bastion of tieflings who had isolated themselves deep in the wilderness away from the Carceri and all the rest of the land. Moloron’s father’s exact crimes at this time are unknown, but it is believed that his Pact, forged with the unholy spirit lord Kaelos, was part of the reason.

Moloron the Elder left for the north mountains of Carceri after his exile, and left behind his young son and wife. Years later Moloron the Younger began to discover his father’s history, and felt the inextricable call of his family bloodline toward the vile Kaelos. When he was eighteen Moloron left his city behind after being discovered summoning the spirit of Kaelos to bind himself in pact, in exchange for information on his father’s location.

Moloron found an ancient mansion with a vast complex beneath of unknown origin which had clearly been his father’s. It appeared that his father had been experimenting with ways and means of opening portals to other planes, and in his quests he uncovered an ancient statue of great power to Kaelos, which he later learned was the petrified demigod himself! Moloron’s father utilized the raw energy within the petrified spirit lord to empower his claimed subterranean complex, where he worked extensively on ancient alchemical machines to breach the planar gap and find a means of communing with the planes. Moloron the Younger concluded that his father had been seeking out a means of lifting the curse of his family, and fallen victim to unknown powers in the process.

Amidst all this Moloron determined that his father had perhaps succeeded too well at his goal, and may have been abducted or plane shifted out of the Realms of Chirak. He powered up the old machines to seek out a way of finding his father, but was interrupted when agents of the Carceric king appeared looking for his father… turns out Moloron the Elder had been serving as a sorcerous advisor to the king. Moloron decided to accompany the adventurers, misreprenting himself as his father. So it was that his new career as agent of the crown began. 

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