Wednesday, August 13, 2014

13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter

WAT. it looks like it is conceivable that we may see Glorantha in 13th Age before we see Glorantha in Runequest 6.

I'm not a Gloranthaphile or anything....quite the opposite, really.....but I admit that the Glorantha setting does sound like 13th Age with its icon mechanics would be really damned interesting, so I may have to consider backing this. If only so I can play a duck occultist....or a broo chaos mage....


  1. Love that duck picture! However, Moon design will have to address where the heck is the Gloranthan Guide and Argan Argar Atlas before I send it more money. I think getting some hard copies out for Gen Con would have been a good business practice.

  2. Moon design has been posting videos of un-boxing the printed guide. One would think shipping is soon!