Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gaming Synergy - Savage Worlds, Magic World, D&D 5E

I've hit a weird gaming synergy lately. The current mix of D&D 5E (only just begun) with Savage Worlds and Magic World is having a rejvenating effect on my overall interest in RPGs. This is a good thing for someone like me, who has averaged two game nights a week for fifteen years now.

I have to say, Savage Worlds has proven to be a big boon. The system is quirky, and I worried about whether coming back to it in actual play would be problematic, but the mechanics held up very well and made for some exciting, fast-paced sci fi adventuring. Whenever the SF campaign closes I am going to propose we just keep doing Savage Worlds every other week, rotating to different settings. Next up would be Broken Earth, Zombpacalypse, Pirates of the Spanish Main or maybe a healthy dose of some straight up Supers with the new 2nd edition Super Powers Companion.

Meanwhile the decidedly non-D&D-like Magic World night continues to kick ass. I'm experimenting heavily in that setting, taking advantage of the copious resources for Basic Roleplaying to add in more than a little Dark Ages Cthulhu to my weird sword & sorcery setting. Magic World is proving even more enticing than Runequest 6, if only because it's level of accessibility is just right for my group.

And of course D&D 5E.....really though the Basic and Starter material is just a place holder. We need the real thing, all three core manuals ASAP. D&D as it used to be...the D&D I remember from back before it felt like a chore to run, is back. It's honestly hard to believe.


  1. Glad to hear everything is snapping for you. Have you ever thought about running FATE?

    1. I've messed with several editions of FATE, and the one that came closest to jelling so far was Legends of Anglerre. No one plays FATE locally that I know of (and the only person who ever offered to run it never actually does) so I haven't really received a good framework on exactly how it works.....the system from reading it seems to be a different sort of game than the more traditional RPG style that I like running, but I've always wanted to at least get a chance to play it to see how it actually works. One big part of the problem is that most FATE system examples I've seen, when providing actual play examples in the text, seem so counter-intuitive and jargon-laden that it doesn't even sound like I'm reading something that feels like it would really flow as a story/narrative....but I suspect at least part of that is because I am much more used to thinking in traditional RPG terminology.