Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Wizard's Amulet free for D&D 5E

Tenkar scooped it first, but Frog God Games has released a 5th edition compatible version of The Wizard's Amulet for free, under the OGL. Grab it here!

This was originally a free module released for 3rd edition D&D back when Necromancer Games surfaced in the dawn of the D20 era. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come....I would very much be keen on seeing conversion/support for Frog God Games books in 5th edition.....

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  1. Yes me too. And i think that's exactly what it means: They are going to publish the Lost Lands setting etc for 5th edition - giving us all a third choice rules-wise between S&W Complete and Pathfinder.

    I like it!
    It is honestly the FIRST thing to give me any interest into 5th ed. D&D too! Way to go Frogs!

    Otherwise i plan(ned) to just keep chucking on happily with DM'ing my Pathfinder sandbox/megadungeon home-game, and then running either BX/ACKS or something like Blood & Treasure / Castles & Crusades (or/with stuff from Fantastic Heroes & Witchery) for my next sandbox game, that i already plan to base on all the Lost Lands stuff.

    This might just make me pick up 5th edition and try and use that!