Monday, July 7, 2014

Quiet Weekend

Not quiet in the sense that there were plenty of fireworks (and still are on occasion...New Mexico is pretty fireworks friendly) but not much tabletop gaming, lots of family fun and such.

Right now the plan is to try out some D&D 5E using the Basic set plus the various resources and Starter Set I've cobbled together, maybe rotate it Wednesday nights with my recently started Savage Worlds Science Fiction campaign (which was a big hit last week), and also do the same on Saturdays. I'd like to keep Magic World bi-weekly at least, but I can tell that the style and design of D&D 5E is going to go over very well with the interests of the Saturday gang.

Anyway, since I spent a nice three day weekend enjoying a pressure-free mini-vacation, there is not much to blog....but expect a lot more stuff for 5E, Magic World and Savage Worlds soon!

For today then I offer up some inspirational images gathered from my Tumblr blog Tachyon:

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