Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Countdown to 5E....2 days left

ENworld as always is the bast aggregate for data on 5E right now, so I won't bother to repeat anything they have over there. That said, it looks like we'll have the Basic D&D player's book data Thursday sometime, and if you're lucky enough to have a game shop in WotC's participation group (I forget the name) they should have starter sets in, too. It sounds like if you want to be playing D&D 5E Thursday, you'll ideally want both, because the starter set will have the module you can run as-is or mine for monster stats and stuff, and the Basic set PHB will let everyone roll up some basic characters.

Me, I plan to run a game Saturday if I have all in hand by Thursday. I might even run a game Thursday if I think I can find the time. Very much looking forward to having not only a new edition of D&D, but one which doesn't come with a metric ton of trouble and strife (yet)....

I've been working on a new setting I plan to use with 5E for a while, too. May publish details here soon. This setting is inspired by the success of my Pergerron campaign in Magic World; the idea of a new world that's "outside the box" of my comfort zone campaigns is tantalizing, so I am trying to design something that's going to have a distinct feel and style apart from what I've done before, while being definitively very "D&D." More soon...

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